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Become a programmer
At Step Computer Academy

Why become
a programmer?

High Salaries

Software developers are the most demanded professionals with the highest salaries among IT professionals. Their salary depends on qualification, skills and experience, and varies from $1500 to R$6000 per month.

Unique Working Conditions

Modern office, comfortable workplace, benefits package with health insurance and a gym, cycling and parking, game rooms and lounges, ice cream and buns –these are just a few facilities IT companies use to attract their employees. You should remember that there's a lot of vacancies and few specialists. That is why programmers in addition to high salaries get also the best working conditions.

Work Anywhere in The World

IT market is the entire world. You can participate in foreign projects in local outsourcing companies; go abroad to work for a foreign company or work as a freelance developer from any place in the world with customers from various countries. Programmer profession opens wide opportunities

Growing Labour Market

IT is a dynamic industry. According to Forbes, the World Bank data shows that average annual growth rate of IT industry has been around 25% for the last 10 years. And this growth keeps going on. By 2016, the demand for IT professionals in Europe will be about 1 million people.

Guaranteed Employment

Information Technology domain is the only area where number of jobs exceed number of specialists. Every year the demand for programmers is growing. According to HeadHunter, one of the biggest job search portals, there are on average 5 open vacancies for each CV posted.

A Real Opportunity to Change The World

No matter what you want from your career – to make a lot of money or to change the world - with programming you may both options. Who knows, maybe you are the one to create a project, that will change our understanding of usual things.

Modern profession

Computers today penetrated into all spheres of our life. It is hard to imagine more modern profession than a programmer. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing industries. Here you will always be aware of new trends.

Development and Education Opportunities

Working as a programmer means constant self-development, study and professional development. New technologies replace the old ones, and having chosen the programming you'll have no time to be bored.

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What a programmer shall know and be able to do?

This and much more you will learn in Computer Academy STEP on specialty "Software Development"

Stady program

Why students choose
STEP Computer Academy?

Modern and Relevant Curriculum

The curriculum is developed in accordance with the IT market and is regularly updated. There are no unnecessary subjects, only those you need for successful employment.

Unique Training Materials

Our curriculum and syllabi are worked out by the best professionals. We offer electronic study materials and real-life projects to support the training process. The result is profound knowledge our students gain.

Professional Trainers

The Academy employs highly-skilled trainers with the IT industry, who share their knowledge with our students. We hold regular seminars and training sessions to refresh and update and our trainers' professional and teaching skills.

Modern PC Hardware and Equipment

Our students always have access to modern PCs and all necessary equipment. Every student has a desk equipped with a personal computer. We do our best to provide our students with everything needed for a successful learning process.

100% Practical Training

Our training process is based on completing practical assignments and exercises under the supervision of your trainer. We don’t have boring lectures. The knowledge you gain is reinforced by practical exercises.

Internationally Recognized Diploma

The Academy graduates obtain international diploma after successfully completing course.

International Certificates

STEP Computer Academy is an authorized training center for Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk. The Academy students have an opportunity to take certification exams free of charge while studying at the Academy.

Convenient Classes Schedule

We offer morning, day, evening classes both on weekdays and weekend. Students can easily combine studying at the Academy with their work or other studies.

Lack of Alternatives

Experienced trainers, up-to-date curriculum, technical equipment, international certification, employment assistance – all this and much more distinguish STEP Computer Academy from other educational institutions.

Employment assistance

Partnership programs with IT industry and our reputation results in our students getting job offers as early as after the first year of studies.

Small Study Groups

Our students study in groups that are never too crowded. Thanks to that, our trainers can always pay attention to every student’s needs what greatly helps the learning process.

No Corruption

Trainers at the Academy never take bribes. The grades you get will always reflect your real knowledge.

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about STEP Computer Academy

The largest private educational institution (44 branches in 16 countries). Established in 1999.

STEP Computer Academy was named among Europe’s best Cisco training centers, and was ranked best in the CIS for Autodesk Maya professionals training.

Academy is included in the top 10 technical universities of Ukraine to prepare IT-specialists (according to the data of the site

We have proprietary techniques that are valued by professionals worldwide, and updated training materials.

More than 600
trainers with the IT industry experience.

We give practical knowledge
demanded by IT industry.

The Academy students regularly win IT competitions and championships.

The Academy is an authorized training center for Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk.

More than 14,000 students and 70,000 graduates successfully working in Ukrainian and international IT-companies.

The Academy graduates work in 36 countries around the world. Many of them are founders of their own successful companies and start-ups.

learning Options

Full-time study
  • Who
  • Everyone
    from 15 to 55 y.o.
  • Study duration
  • 5 semesters
    or 2.5 years
  • Classes schedule
  • 5 times per week
    (including 1 day for independent work)
  • Tuition fee
  • 250 AZN/monthSign Up
Part-time study
  • Who
  • Everyone
    from 15 to 55 y.o.
  • Study duration
  • 5 semesters
    or 2.5 years
  • Classes schedule
  • 1 time per week
  • Tuition fee
  • 180 AZN/month
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Common mistakes
when choosing
an educational institution:

Pursuit of Low Prices

Desire to save money will impact the quality of training. Low prices mean low salaries for trainers, what in its turn means that experienced trainers will avoid such educational institution. Trusting your education to dubious organizations is never a wise choice.

Choosing a Training Program, Not Matching Your Goals

Before you start training, it is important to define the goal of your study. Professional advice can be helpful in this case. Incorrect statement of the program often leads to a wrong choice of form of a training form. When you realize your mistake your time and money will have been lost already.

Short-term Course Training

If your goal is to programming from scratch, short courses lasting lasting months will not give you a sufficient knowledge base. In order to grasp the essence of programming algorithms to work out right solutions and design software projects, regardless of a final implementation language, it is important to restructure thinking and acquire practical skills. The experience of our trainers suggests that the optimal period for quality education is 2.5 years and more. In this case, you can be sure of the result.

Pursuit of University Degree

Those days when university degree was a decisive factor for hiring have passed. Now employers themselves assess the knowledge and skills of applicants. This is especially true for the sphere of information technologies, where knowledge of programming languages and skills in working with new technologies are crucial.


Self-education is a great thing, if you possess will of iron and a have lot of time for searching through literature, video tutorials and audio books. But it cannot replace live chatting with experienced trainer. It is much more convenient and faster to learn, if you have an opportunity to consult with a specialist who can show you a right path, point at your mistakes and inaccuracies.

Learning with a Tutor

Tutoring is an alternative to self-education. In this case, a tutor controls learning, process and it can go faster. Still, the tutoring loses to group lessons with a trainer who has industry experience and trains according to a curriculum tailored for the industry requirements. A good tutor can certainly master one or maybe even several technologies, but a team of professional is needed to train according to a well-rounded curriculum. Moreover, lessons with tutor do not give you any international certificates or diploma.

Desire for Quick and Easy Results

Whichever option you choose – the result depends on you. The task of the educational institution is to lead a student to his/her goal by most effective and shortest path, making the learning effective. Our 15-years experience in training has proven that it is not possible to become a programmer from scratch in 2-3 months. Those who promise it lie to their customers. Our training program has received high appraisal from professionals all around the world, and it is designed for 2.5 years. This is the optimal period, that enables to obtain high-quality basic education and confidence necessary to start working.

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Companies where STEP graduates
are employed

Alumni and Employers

Sergii Seletskii,
2011 graduate, part-time study,
Team Lead/PHP Developer SoftServe Company

The program at Academy is intensive and very interesting, trainers are experienced professionals, who can always give an advice and teach you on the most relevant technologies. And my first job I got after the first year of study, thanks to recommendations of the Academy trainers.

Maksim Belkin,
2011 graduate,
Developer at AB Soft

At the Academy we were immediately prepared for real work: theoretical and practical knowledge in software development, trainers paid a lot of attention to management of our future work too: taught to work in teams, communicate with customers. Even before graduation I got a job in my field of training and a year later I was promoted to Team Leader.

Olga Biryukova,
2008 graduate, full-time study.
Android Mobile Apps at GlobalLogic

During my course of studies at STEP Computer Academy I deepened my knowledge of many programming languages and the principles of their interaction, learned the features of work organization and distrubution for software product creation and defined goals and directions for further development.

Alexander Samulyak,
2006 graduate, full-time study,
Developer at Global Logic

Teaching methods at the Academy are based on the fact that trainer is engaged in practical development, and when teaching us, the trainer uses tools and approaches that are used in practice, not in theory. Studying at the Academy has completely changed my life, because I got education that has helped me to find my favorite profession.

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How we

You post an enquiry on our website or come to the Academy office

Taking your goals into account, we pick up program and schedule of your training.

After signing the contract and paying the tuition fee, a place in a group will be reserved for you, and you'll start training as soon as the classes begin.

Upon graduation you will receive STEP Computer Academy diploma and international certificates to validate your knowledge

The Academy HR Service is ready to assist you in finding employment in your field of studies.

We do our best to learn from us was interesting and effective.
Nothing extra. Just what you need for successful employment.

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