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STEP Computer Academy -
is the largest international
educational institution,
that specialize in
IT education

Academy was founded in 1999


STEP is the biggest Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk
authorized learning center.
The Academy student may earn international
certificates free of charge.

Our instructors have extensive experience in IT Industry. They teach what is not written in textbooks.

The basis of the good results of the STEP Computer Academy based on the principles:

Teachers - professionals from the IT-industry
Integration with IT-industry
Automation and the use of advanced technologies in teaching
Modern equipment
Modern educational and methodological framework
All methods of learning
The main goal - the success of the student

Our graduates work in the largest IT-companies in 36 countries:

Upon graduation, students receive an international diploma in Computer Academy STEP as well as international certificates from
partner companies.
In STEP Computer Academy training on the unique author's technique, has been praised by the IT-industry.
In 2014, Computer Academy STEP has been awarded as the best support center Academies and Cisco Training Center instructors for outstanding achievements in the development of Cisco Networking Academy Program.
Alex Tumanov, head of "Software Development", the owner of IT-Award for his contribution to IT-education
Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Head of "Networking and System Administration", winner of over 200 international certificates.

Numerous awards and medals
various competitions and contests

Time Magazine named Academy students' project as “Invention of the year”. Our students's development – touch gloves, transforming sign language into words – was among Top 10 best inventions, along with Curiosity Mars rover, Google Glass and Tesla Model S electric vehicle.

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